European survey shows underperformance in onshore wind

Abstract: An independent survey of investors in European onshore wind was performed. The purpose was to evaluate the skill of the industry at making pre-construction energy yield assessments (EYA’s) and give confidence to the investment community relying on these estimates. Contributors submitted data from 77 projects that have been operating long enough to perform a […]

Indian Wind Generation Improves for August 2020, But Still Low

Better, but not quite there Several weeks ago, I discussed the massive drop in 2020 monsoon winds, where significant low wind anomaly negatively impacted July wind generation in India. So how was August? Data from the CEA was just released and here are how things looked. Generation increased 37% from July but was still 8% […]

Massive Drop in 2020 Monsoon Winds Hit India’s Wind Generation

Gone with the Wind For the month of July, 2020, India‚Äôs total wind generation was 43% less than July, 2019.  This is despite adding more than 1 GW of new capacity since last year.  For the last 3 months, May through July, generation was 31% lower than 2019.  This is from Central Electricity Authority data.  […]