Offering solar, wind, battery, hybrid solutions.

Development Services

Resource and Energy Assessments – Predicting energy using satellite and onsite measurements, technology specifications and project design. Full timeseries modeling of energy ensures higher accuracy of predictions. Risk covariance model to describe uncertainty of the project.

Project Optimization – We can design your project given land constraints, proposed technologies, and target capacity ensuring optimized overbuild and colocation with other technologies.

Measurement Campaign Design – Design and optimization of your resource and measurement campaign for your project based on project size, available land, and industry best practice.

Hybrid Energy Systems – Optimization of your hybrid installed capacity and collocated battery storage system for wind and solar projects.

Operational Services

Operational Power Curve Assessment – Power performance tests assess a few turbines within a project; we can review all turbines within a project to assess operating power curves across the site.

Operational Reforecast – Predicting energy from an operational wind or solar project based on collected SCADA data.

Forensic Investigation – Investigations into the cause of unexpected underperformance. Helps determine difference between suboptimal performance or errors in preconstruction assessment.

Operational Technical Advisory – Review the complete performance of the operating assets both power curve performance and reliability performance. For asset managers and Mergers and Acquisitions due diligence support.

Repower Assessment – Assess production for projects which are near end of life or underperforming for partial or full repower based on current operations and future predictions.


Desktop Review – Review other consultant’s/IE energy yield assessment and methodologies; ensuring it is performed to the highest standards and help you evaluate the risk.  Typically used as support for broader due diligence process.

Portfolio Benefit Analysis– Assess risk of the projects combined based on correlations of location, resource, technology, assessor, to name but a few.

Project Technical Advisory– Support the technical due diligence for new project investment and Mergers and Acquisitions transactions.  Review contracts, technology and technical warranties and guarantees.  Other technical support  as requested.